It’s gonna be a why Christmas.

Becki is on vacation this week so I figure I’ll talk to you about a little problem I’m having. What do you do when the main person who makes Christmas Christmas suggests that they won’t be around this December 25th? I’m having visions of waking up to turn on the parade and then damning allContinue Reading “It’s gonna be a why Christmas.”

Guest Contributor

Big Bad World – Part 1.

I grew up in the shadows of a steel mill in a roughneck midwestern town. The kind of place where the youth view graduating and getting out as worthy of a lifetime achievement award. My parents are close to life-long residents of this rustbelt town. This town is the world they know. Their understanding of the world outside the town comes from brief experiences andContinue Reading “Big Bad World – Part 1.”

Spoiler Saturdays

The Power of Habit.

In college, I needed an excuse to study people and their behaviors so I minored in sociology. Now, I read books like The Power of Habit and go, “That’s fascinating” in the nerd voice that lives inside my head. I immediately knew I would like this book when it started to remind me of Malcolm Gladwell’s books. IContinue Reading “The Power of Habit.”

Guest Contributor

I Am Not A Cat Lady: Worrywart.

Along with countless lessons about cats, I also learned a decent amount about myself during my six months with Henry and Albie. Some of this new self-knowledge was positive (for example, I now know that I have progressed from “light sleeper” to “can sleep through some amount of cat-inflicted face-petting without waking up with aContinue Reading “I Am Not A Cat Lady: Worrywart.”


Brown sugar high.

As I’ve mentioned before, I feel like there are whole chunks of my past missing. Nothing overly traumatic, just a bunch of things my mind didn’t care to remember. It’s frustrating because I want to take part in the nostalgia I see most people with. I want to talk about where I came from andContinue Reading “Brown sugar high.”