Spoiler Saturdays

The Cinderella Deal.

Romance novels are like Hallmark channel movies with an extra dose of sexual tension, double the stakes, and three times the talent. So, the next time you’re considering watching the same tired Christmas movie, consider reading a romance novel, or better, listening to one. Why watch the same actors make the same piss poor facialContinue Reading “The Cinderella Deal.”

Guest Contributor

I Am Not A Cat Lady: Paws-itively Hilarious.

Despite being subjected to a pair of fur-covered roommates who generally took advantage of my high-strung nature, my life with Henry and Albie wasn’t all bad. In fact, they actually contributed to some legitimate chuckles over the course their stay. For example, this exchange took place during a phone call with my father, who’s clearlyContinue Reading “I Am Not A Cat Lady: Paws-itively Hilarious.”

Monday Mindfulness


In the darkest times, laughter can be the best, most important thing. If you have a choice, always choose laughter. I was sitting at home Saturday morning, about to feel all sad because I didn’t have anything to do for hours besides watch the rain fall, when I made a smart decision. I decided to watchContinue Reading “Laughter.”

Friday Top Five

July 21, 2017.

Today’s Friday Top Five is dedicated to finance, more specifically retirement. Disclaimer: this post is for information purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. I’m no expert, I’m just a listener, and this week I had the opportunity to listen to an actual financial advisor, so I’m giving you the scoop. 50/15/5. They startContinue Reading “July 21, 2017.”

Guest Contributor

I Am Not A Cat Lady: Bathroom Buddies.

Aren’t cats supposed to be afraid of water? Maybe “afraid” is a bit much, but at the very least, I thought that all members of the breed were water-averse. Either that’s true and my sister’s are broken, or that’s a lie and cats have been fooling the better part of society for quite a while.Continue Reading “I Am Not A Cat Lady: Bathroom Buddies.”