If money were no object…I’d be an English teacher?

This is the question that is supposed to guide the 9 to 5er toward their purpose: What would you do if money were no object? For a while now, the answer for me has been “read books,” but after posting about my latest reading resolution on Facebook, I considered that I may have ambitions ofContinue Reading “If money were no object…I’d be an English teacher?”

Spoiler Saturdays

The Cinderella Deal.

Romance novels are like Hallmark channel movies with an extra dose of sexual tension, double the stakes, and three times the talent. So, the next time you’re considering watching the same tired Christmas movie, consider reading a romance novel, or better, listening to one. Why watch the same actors make the same piss poor facialContinue Reading “The Cinderella Deal.”

Spoiler Saturdays

The Keys.

I’m impressed by DJ Khaled’s consistency. Reading The Keys was like watching his snapchats, but with explanations. Meaningful explanations. If you follow DJ Khaled, you know a few important things: he’s positive, he loves his fans and his life, and he has a lot of catchy phrases. We the best. Fan luv. Lion. Boomin’. TheContinue Reading “The Keys.”