The Struggle

Have you ever struggled with what’s real, what’s relevant? In this world we measure success on our ability to influence others. Artists create rebelliousness to draw discussion, they envision greatness in the form of what draws the most dollars, and are motivated by clicks, shares, and comments. How do you measure sanity? I measure itContinue Reading “The Struggle”



Last Thursday I went to my grandmother’s sister’s funeral. Not my great aunt’s, my grandmother’s sister’s funeral. I went on her behalf, even though years of disagreements had left me unfamiliar with that side of the family. In fact, when my grandma still had lucid thoughts she got a phone call from her sister afterContinue Reading “Grief”



How do you apologize for the way you feel?How do you apologize for being a woman and filled with hormones? How do you apologize for hypersensitivity and behaving in a manner you wouldn’t expect?But those are real feelings aren’t they? Just the buried ones, right?Well then, how do you apologize for feeling hurt?For fighting backContinue Reading “Unapologetic”



I keep getting reminders to keep writing. Thank you! I need that because Lord knows I get distracted. For example, I walked away from this post and forgot about it for three hours. But I’m back and the same thought remains. It’s time to get out of here. This suburb, this job, my grandma’s house…but mostlyContinue Reading “Reminders”