The Struggle

Have you ever struggled with what’s real, what’s relevant? In this world we measure success on our ability to influence others. Artists create rebelliousness to draw discussion, they envision greatness in the form of what draws the most dollars, and are motivated by clicks, shares, and comments.

How do you measure sanity? I measure it by the expression of any and all thought. By the release of emotion without regard to embarrassment and guilt and all those other plagues that prevent the presentation of honest emotion. My sanity depends on sharing those things you don’t want to know but that have to be known.

It’s seems we’ve encountered a conflict of interests. As an artist my success depends on pleasing you but my sanity longs to please me.

Ruminations on heartbreak confront the reminders that soft is better silent than shared.

Reflections on conflict and mistrust meet predictions of silence from those frustrated with the predominance of teen angst over positive, motivating rhetoric.

In other words, are my emotions too much for the masses? I’ve got things to say but what meaningful contribution can my emotional struggle make to the world.

I’ve been holding back, but something’s gotta give.

I want you to care about what I share but what matters most is what I care to share. Can you dig that?

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