One Day

One day

A man is gonna look at me doing me and smile cuz he loves my energy

He’s gonna feed off my inner peace and beg to feed it back to me

One day

This man is gonna fall at my feet

Not in reverence, more prayerfully

Thanking God that we’re meant to be

One day

I’ll be walking down the beach

Feet in the sand but hands holding hands and thinking goddamn

I’m so lucky to have this man

One day

He’ll leave temporarily and I’ll smile as tears fall down my face because I know he’s coming home to me


One day

I’ll hug and hold on to him so long that hours pass

I’m gonna make that shit last

so long as he’s my

One day

The man I will marry

The man I will carry

And one day bury

One day

I’ll say I love you

And he’ll ask “is it true?”

Then we’ll make a baby boy

Maybe a girl, too

One day

Dreams will be attainable to me

Impossible will become reality

And you will forever be

My one day

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