Warning: If You Don’t Believe in Prayer, Buzz Off

Right now, in this very moment you have the ability to change everything about your future. You already knew that, though thanks to the theory of determinism. All your future actions will be the result of previous actions. Cool, now let me share the really enlightening information. Atheists will think I’m being sarcastic when IContinue Reading “Warning: If You Don’t Believe in Prayer, Buzz Off”



Should this post be about the anger, the heartbreak or the madnessmaybe I should write about the struggle that’s removed by the gladnessor the sadnessI refuseto sit in a musedazed and amazed because my heart got confusedsee everything that changes me is a change that a chooseand I’m choosing right even if you somehow missedContinue Reading “Rant”

short stories


“Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. And if I die before I wake I thank the Lord for strawberry shortcake. I mean damn I outdid myself today! And I am so very grateful because it was your grace that carried the ingredients in the right proportions andContinue Reading “Two.”