Guess I Was Mad (Old Post)


May I have your attention please.

Texting me out of the blue to talk about sex, or dreaming about sexing or straight wanting to sex me is ultimately a major turn OFF.

You ratty ass negroes act like you didn’t know I was raised a lady.

And in being a lady…maybe you should take me out on a date or two before you start talking explicitly.

Ok, it’s not like I expect you to say, l had a dream about holding your hand and giving you butterfly kisses.
I just thought you might notice some of my other great attributes. I guess a great personality, crazy genius, and frightening potential isn’t sexy to you.

I’m really tired. Tired of niggas who would get into my pants in a heartbeat, so long as they don’t have to buy me a movie ticket or treat me like a real man should.

Or maybe they’d love to fuck you and keep their girlfriend?


I don’t take you jokes seriously, but I shouldn’t even entertain you. You’re a waste of the worth God blessed me with.

I don’t know whats worse: you niggas or the ones who call me only to inquire about my work discount.  Fuck off.

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