Funny Fridays

Cuffing Season: 2017 Edition.

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of cuffing season.  Mostly because it’s forsaken me the past few years. When the air gets brisk, my mind entertains thoughts of holidays with bae and getting dumped after New Year’s (definitely before February 14th). Yet nothing happens. My DMs stay dry, my legs stay cold, and IContinue Reading “Cuffing Season: 2017 Edition.”


Hallmark Channel, you disappoint me.

Dear Hallmark Channel, I am dismayed at your lack of creativity, lack of innovation, lack of pizzazz. You continually disappoint me with your antics. I don’t ask for much. You’d be better than Lifetime if you found as many unique ways to fall in love as Lifetime does to drive a woman to mental instability.Continue Reading “Hallmark Channel, you disappoint me.”

Monday Mindfulness

Tell me what’s a positive person.

Sometimes people tell me I’m a positive person and it lowkey pisses me off. It’s not exactly what they say, it’s more what they mean. They just say, “you’re a positive person,” but what they’re really saying is, “you’re one of those annoying glass-half-full people who wakes up with sunshine up their ass and I hateContinue Reading “Tell me what’s a positive person.”

Guest Contributor

“How can you not be romantic about baseball?”

My first love’s name was Carlos. I was six years old, smitten by both his smile and his baseball skills. Carlos was Carlos Baerga, the Cleveland Indians’ second baseman. During the summer of 1996, he was traded away from the Tribe. I still remember the night of the trade: the news broke while my familyContinue Reading ““How can you not be romantic about baseball?””


10 Reasons Shopping is the Worst (Especially When You’re an Adult)

I’ve read posts about how terrible shopping is, but this one is different. I didn’t know that I could hate shopping this much, it just happened. I feel betrayed. Shopping was supposed to be fun. It was supposed to be that thing you do with your friends to be happy. Now it’s the actual worst. ThisContinue Reading “10 Reasons Shopping is the Worst (Especially When You’re an Adult)”