Monday Mindfulness

Tell me what’s a positive person.

Sometimes people tell me I’m a positive person and it lowkey pisses me off. It’s not exactly what they say, it’s more what they mean. They just say, “you’re a positive person,” but what they’re really saying is, “you’re one of those annoying glass-half-full people who wakes up with sunshine up their ass and I hateContinue Reading “Tell me what’s a positive person.”


Fear of…pancakes?

This post was originally written April 2017. We can pretty much universally agree that fear is deconstructive. That it holds you back from achieving great things, that it’s counter to all the possibilities that the Universe actually has built for you. We strive to be courageous and think past fear. To leap when there’s nothingContinue Reading “Fear of…pancakes?”

Friday Top Five

July 14, 2017.

Welcome to Friday’s Top Five: a new, recurring Friday review of things I learned through the week. Or, in other words, something to ponder when I can’t think of anything funny. Friday is the perfect time to reflect on everything you’ve learned and prepare for your next Hulu marathon. But before the weekend officially hits,Continue Reading “July 14, 2017.”