if you could have any superpower…

“I want the power to slow and speed up time at my will. Going into the past or future is too complicated, too messy. Immortality is too life-changing – what if death is that the thing that makes life worth living and awareness of it is the thing that makes us human? I won’t pretendContinue Reading “if you could have any superpower…”


Thoughts that are too long for a Facebook post.

Let me paint a picture for you. A gorgeous young woman, Mary, sobs into her couch pillow after bumping into her ex-fiancee and his new wife Wendy. She says, “It’s a good thing I didn’t marry him. But most of the time I think…I just wasn’t good enough.” Facing her on the floor, a gorgeousContinue Reading “Thoughts that are too long for a Facebook post.”

Spoiler Saturdays

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.

Big Magic was yet another book I needed to reinforce my subconscious understanding of life and purpose. I decided to finally listen to the book with the beautiful cover after a friend of mine gave me a spoiler. She told me about a story that Elizabeth Gilbert shared in the first few chapters – oneContinue Reading “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.”