if you could have any superpower…

“I want the power to slow and speed up time at my will. Going into the past or future is too complicated, too messy. Immortality is too life-changing – what if death is that the thing that makes life worth living and awareness of it is the thing that makes us human? I won’t pretend to know these things. I’m no God, nor do I wish to be one.

But haven’t you ever been in a moment so rich and beautiful you tried to capture it?”

“Like a photo?”

“Yes and no. It’s like you are literally willing the power to stop time into existence. You’re in the middle of something incredibly precious, but at the same time, you’re already looking back at it regretting its loss. And then you actually are looking back it because it’s already gone and now you’ve suffered twice.”

“Well, if that isn’t the most miserable thing I’ve ever heard.”

“And then suddenly it’s not. Instead of feeling it fade in front of your very eyes, you actually extend time. Not stopping, but savoring.”


“Well, what would you wish for?”

“A love worth slowing time.”

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