Should this post be about the anger, the heartbreak or the madness
maybe I should write about the struggle that’s removed by the gladness
or the sadness
I refuse
to sit in a muse
dazed and amazed because my heart got confused
see everything that changes me is a change that a choose
and I’m choosing right even if you somehow missed the news
I’m much more than a bitty pity girl with the blues
sitting home upset because my emotions get abused
Everyone gets in a rut, act like you see
but the cool thing about me is where I get to be
Prayerful, mayorful, did you think I wasn’t growing though
I hit rock bottom, but I hit the ground running though
I admit sometimes it looks like I may be running slow
but everyone has a time and maybe I just missed the blow
the bomb? I hope so. I hope I go only when its my time to go
so respect my humanity and also my insanity
I gotta be me, only me and I run this show
one day I’m gonna be the queen of my own damn carnival
looking back at the hard times like damn, cuz u didn’t know?
fuck yeah, I got it
so believe me when I say that you don’t have to worry bout it
see im not here to live by anyone else’s measure of my wealth
aside from God my joy here is a direct creation of my self
they always say stressing out is bad for your health
feel free to keep your opinions because to me they’re on a shelf
trust, I got this.

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