No Beats Lost Here

When I start reminiscing on love

music becomes my mirror.
Let me be clearer.
My heart isn’t heavy
just slowly drifting like snowflakes or Timberlakes.
See the vacancy known as you apart from me 
cannot be filled by a memory
so I reach for mellow sounds. 
Trey takes me back to a day where you lit my soul afire.
Sometimes yearning can be distracted by desire.
for smoldering lips, moving hips, a man who wants me to arch my back just like this.
Even Miguel does it well and gets me lost.
That can only do so much for me though,
Even lust comes at a cost.
Lust can’t replace love
so it only reminds me that it’s been displaced.
Only Erykah -a New Amerykah- can fill this space.
20 feet tall and all, she ain’t afraid to admit she trip
but damn she never fall
or else he’s gonna have to make that call
and I dig that…
but I don’t feel that until she goes out her mind.
Just in time I reach a new place.
Where my heart is filled with Stone
And Angie done changed the tone
Misfortune is just a sorry outlook
and pity a fool’s sinking ship
I grab onto some Soul Insurance and
then my mind gets hip
and then my heart won’t skip…
No beats lost here. 

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