SPP (Skinny People Problems)

One of my facebook friends has inspired me to be on some bullshit this evening and discuss the plight of the skinny female. Yes, plight!

I don’t want to put her out there but since she did I’ll go ahead and share:

It is so hard being a tall, skinny twig in a country where the typical body type is that of a hobbit. They make no clothes for tall, skinny women in America! It’s ridiculous!!! I have been given the task of finding Khaki pants with a 36 inch inseam and a 27 inch waist for work. They might as well have asked me to herd cats through a waterfall because this shit is gonna be damn near impossible!!! (Btw, if you make angry comment on this status, it’s because your fat. In other words, no angry comments fat people. I’m skinny and frustrated. Let me vent.)

I instantly became weak and grateful! Yes, first I laughed, then I sighed in appreciation. Part of my enjoyment was the rudeness of her status – she basically called average women hobbits. But the biggest part was the realization that everybody has their own problems and despite the fact that being overweight is stigmatized and her status is blatantly offensive to a large portion of the population, she has a valid point.

I was in the salon the other day and chicks were slamming skinny girls. As in: “Fuck them Forever 21 shopping bitches.” I was like damn, Torrid has some fly shit, too…but I digress. They too had a valid point.

There is no right or wrong in frustration. Women of all sizes complain that they can’t find clothes that fit their body type: jeans for big asses and tiny waists, jeans that reach your ankles, knee high boots that flatter skinny legs, tops that are sold in a size large. So why do we hate each other?

I know why. Because someone decided that one was better than the other. Someone decided that being skinny should be advertised over being average weight.

But to be fair, I should be allowed to talk about my food belly without pissing somebody off. I got rights too!

Ya’ll gon’ think I’m on some bullshit for sure…

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