Power up.
Monday Mindfulness

Power up.

The other day a good friend reminded me that my best today may not be the same as my best yesterday. Some days I’m just not as strong as I know I’m capable of being. That thing that’s wearing on me is kicking my ass and it’s taking everything in me not to wave the white flag.

Days like those I usually wake up late and debate leaving work early, or at the very least, consider finding a quiet room to hide for a few hours. In my mind, I keep saying, “Please, let me just lie down and stay here a while.” Those are the days when I’ve got to “power up.”

If you’ve played old school video games like Super Mario Bros., you probably have an idea what I’m talking about. A power-up is something that gives you extra strength or abilities. It could be a mushroom, a flower, a heart, whatever – what matters is that when you need a boost, it’s always got your back.

Since I don’t live in a magical game world, I’ve got to chase my everyday power-ups. When I need a little help, these are my go-tos:

  • Episodes of The Golden Girls
  • Cuddling with my dog
  • Sunlight
  • A really good book
  • My Top Played music playlist
  • Getting fly
  • Tree pose
  • Power naps
  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Nuggets
  • Memes, Gifs, and Videos
  • Quality time with the family
  • God (obviously)

Now these are just mine, and they work wonders for a not-so-awesome day, but what I hope you’ll do is go and get your own. You probably already have some, you’ve just gotta figure out what they are. What gives you strength? Looking at your baby? Making money? Long walks on the beach? It could be anything that takes you from Mario to Super Mario with the fireballs. You’ll have to do a tiny bit of work to power-up, but once you do, it’ll change your whole day for the better.

” No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” – Isaiah 54:17

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