I can’t wait until they fix my eyes.

I can’t wait until they fix my eyes.

This Saturday morning, somewhere between dreaming and being awake, I found myself out of sorts. In my mind, when I woke up I’d be able to see everything around me and it would be the most glorious thing. I’d see my dog’s eyes peeking at me, the numbers on my alarm clock, whether some creep had snuck in while I was sleeping…In actuality, I’m not getting LASIK for another 6 days, so I wouldn’t be able to see shit until I put my glasses on and I had to be okay with that.

When I finally woke up a couple hours later – I know, it’s a gift – I had to deal with the fact that this is gonna be a rough week. Until Friday, or what I have affectionately termed LASIK Day, I am going to be in a constant state of excitement/anxiety. Could I possibly deal with this every morning for the next 6 days? Dreams of waking up, the crushing reality of waiting. The complete distraction of the future, and inadequacy of the present. It sounds like I’m joking, but I’m not. Instead of doing something productive with my time, all I feel like doing is seeing. So I wander around the house waiting for someone to interrupt my thoughts and make time pass more quickly.

An hour later, I’m still anxious, so I’m realizing I’ll have to take some of this into my own hands. I’ve started compiling a list – these are just a few of the things I could do besides wait for LASIK Day:

  1. Re-watch all the Harry Potter movies or re-read all the Harry Potter books.
  2. Find another unnecessarily complicated recipe to create that requires ingredients from not one, not two, but at least three different grocery stores.
  3. Plan my future. What color is my parachute? Who will go with me to the land of the stray dogs? How will I make my first million?
  4. List out all the things I want, but can no longer afford because I’m getting LASIK. Is it too soon to ask for birthday presents?
  5. Write a blog post about it.

So here we are. I might actually try one or all of these. Ok, I did try at least one, and once I’m done I’m going to be in a “right state” as I figure out what to do next. Wish me luck guys.

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    1. Comments are the joy of my life. Maybe I’ll start soon, but I ended up putting some Show about lentils in the background. And YAY!! check in summer-fall 2018 after I spend all the funds

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