The Good Guys Make It Hard for the Bad Guys

I am so thankful that I have entered a new, more forward, mindset. See, all of you that think that the bad guys ruin it for the good guys out there…are backwards. The good guys make it hard for the bad guys in my mind. That’s exactly how it should be, though!

I’ll admit I have a thing for the bad boys. The ones that are hard to get, can’t appreciate you, have commitment issues, and basically devalue beautiful women daily. Yup, I have a special place in my heart for these men and they know it and abuse it. After how I’ve been treated I should hate all men and never want to be in a relationship ever again, right?
Yet, somehow…all I want to do is push the bad, no-good dudes out of my life. Here’s why: I have some dope ass friends; the types of friends who will call me beautiful just cause; the types of friends who will not only drive out in the boonies to see me but pick me up from the boonies and take me to my next destination; the types of friends who suck at texting but manage to find ways to contact me when I need them around; the types of friends to give me the gifts of starbucks, hugs, and encouragement without me even asking for it; the types of friends who want to see me succeed and make an effort to be a part of that success. 
I am extremely overwhelmed with blessings. Though these are small things, they are huge and I have no way of repaying them. And each time I receive one of these blessings I smile and wonder why I waste any small pinch of my time with these immature, ungrateful, unappreciative ass bastards. 
Pardon my language.
My frustration with those boys who do me wrong is just at a new high. I love them. I wish the best for them. But they don’t deserve me or my time. That’s basically why I fluctuate between being cordial and ignoring negroes altogether. 
Each day, bad guys become less and less relevant. Thanks to the good guys I know what I deserve. Yay me!

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