New Year, New Trials

Everyone has something to say about the new year. -What I’m gonna do different. What I learned. What program/train/lifestyle I’m on.- It’s like a new year is about adopting a mindset and reflecting on the old one. It irritates me, but being a culturally bound American, even I sit restlessly planning on a grand transition. The reality, however, is that change is constant and ever-flowing like a river, not sudden like a spark.

“Instead of talking about a new year people should be talking about new life.” My friend’s a clever dude I tell ya. It took me a moment to grasp the concept, the simple idea that shit doesn’t need to switch paths just because 365 days ran round. Rather each January 1st should be a reminder to build upon your path more fervently.

Today I have mass ideas for things I want in my life. But I’ve been had mass ideas. It’s pretty much a perpetual problem of mine – I’ve got too many ideas to focus on hardly any of them. This isn’t the year I’m about to get them all done. I intend to get some of them done, but my to do list is much more long term than a year.

It’s cool to say you’re gonna lose weight this year and you’re not gonna wait another year to do it. That’s just too narrow-minded for me. Everyday is an opportunity to change how you do something. Every year, in the larger sense, is a stepping stone. New years ought to bring you closer to your dreams in a sense. Instead of a desiring a particular weight, how about that healthy lifestyle…for 2013, 2014, 2050, and 2070, too?

I’m still plotting with the rest of you guys, though. Rather than resolutions I have a list of “keeps”.
In 2013 I want to keep the faith. In my Lord, in my friendships, in love, in my professional and emotional growth, and all these torturesome ideas begging to be released. Please keep the faith in me, too as I’m figuring it out. I surely don’t have it all together.

We all try.

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