Faith and Love

I used to think love was everything
But now I realize its not hardly enough
It once was my entire future
My “I got you” when life got tough
But love doesn’t call
Love doesn’t hold on
All these niggas say they wanna do it
And doin it all wrong
Love left me alone
And I was fine with it at first
Focusing on me
Carefree till it hurts
For a while that shit works
Until it doesn’t
I think of you longingly
Then curse you for blindsiding me by the dozen
Now it’s becoming years
You’re a stranger to the kid now!
I have remnants of your presence
But the memories stay unfamiliar some how
Like did I say you were my world
Did I believe you made life worth living
It’s a damn shame I was such a fool
I hung onto you long after your gifts topped giving
What do I look forward to now?
When marriage and children and commitment spell doom
What do I do when my future deathbed
Is a picture of me in an empty room
Can faith be restored
Will you come back
Or is the blessing mankind once knew
Another artifact we will now lack?

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