I’ve always resented some key aspects of capitalism. In the pursuit of happiness we often sacrifice the purer side of satisfaction. In come greed and deceit, out go concern for your fellow man and integrity.

Though I love the culture of my job because I get to help people daily, I’ve long resented the effect being in a sales role has on my environment. We’ll go from talking about enriching lives to numbers, numbers, numbers. Go, go, go!

I’m my naïveté I felt like a major piece of the company’s soul was being tempered with. Like greedy managers and ambitious coworkers were dumping the culture for sales goals.

But I’m a little wiser today. Yes. I realize now that ambition is necessary for growth. No, I am not saying that there aren’t some bad eggs at work.

But every job has bad eggs and some people only have their best interest in mind. However, efficiency, sales goals, and “not-so-sacrificial” customer service are necessary evils. Great “numbers” as in revenue and sales goals keep the ship running. When money is rolling in employees can get more hours, promotions, etc. When money isn’t being made the ship is losing steam and the employees have to pay for it.


Without being a little greedy, we don’t get anywhere. Without being ambitious you can miss opportunities. Yeah, it blows, but such is life.

In an ideal world companies only have to worry about great products and even better customer service. But the real world dictates that keeping customers happy is oftentimes expensive due to high expectations. It also follows that once you’ve created a high enough value for yourself or a company, it becomes twice as hard to maintain.

Basically, don’t hate the players hate the game. But make your best move because it’s in your best interest.


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