The catch up.

Yikes! I haven’t written a blog since September? It wasn’t for lack of trying. I have loads to tell you all. I’m just not sure how to organize my thoughts. Which is funny, because my organizational skills supposedly got me the job I’m starting tomorrow. I should start there. One day a friend of mineContinue Reading “The catch up.”


So, last March I went to the Grand Canyon.

As I rev up for my next adventure, I feel obligated to give thanks for my last one. I can’t decide what was more beautiful: the Grand Canyon, or the fact it was work trip, so my job covered most expenses. The Grand Canyon is just one of those places that you’ve gotta visit. (Especially,Continue Reading “So, last March I went to the Grand Canyon.”


Seattle, WA: Day Two.

Up until now my only reference point for Seattle, Washington was the Twilight movie series, where everything was forest and rain. Perfect for vampires who glitter in the sunlight. I knew a person or two who wanted to come here and I was like, “y tho?” and shrugged it off. Then my boss was like,Continue Reading “Seattle, WA: Day Two.”

Guest Contributor

Big Bad World – Part 3: T-Money.

What follows is my third and final story from my travels outside of my hometown that I believe challenges the big, bad, scary world notion that I address in my first contribution. T-Money Days after I graduated from college I packed everything I owned into the back of Victory, my 20 year old Volvo stationContinue Reading “Big Bad World – Part 3: T-Money.”