Cleveland Dad, Suburban Mom (my version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad).

The other morning while in the shower – where I do all my best thinking – I thought about what my Rich Dad, Poor Dad story was. What created a duality in my identity? The answer for me was pretty easy, being raised by my Suburban Mom, while spending weekends with my Cleveland Dad. IContinue Reading “Cleveland Dad, Suburban Mom (my version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad).”

Spoiler Saturdays

Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Some people just prefer the abbreviated version. These are the people you write TL;DR at the bottom of lengthy emails for. These are the people who say, “What’s Goodreads?” or who set their reading challenge goals really, really low. These are the people who read The Skimm and then skip to the skimmed down part of theContinue Reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”