Mary Jane

You’ve done everything but hit it
Dreamed about her
Put your lips on her
Tasted her

Naively, you thought that would be enough to curb the craving
It only awakened it
Now you remember why you gave her up
The high
With a price

In the moment
The urge is nearly uncontrollable
How bad can it be, really?

You know it’s wrong
At least that’s what some say
But it feels safe
For a while

Then suddenly you’ve gone too far
You’ve unraveled
You’re desperate to turn back the clock

But there’s no turning back
There’s only starting over here
And staring the beast in the face

You’ve paid the price
Now make sure you remember the feeling
The fall
Maybe it’ll make it easier to quit her for good

Go ahead
End the cycle
She can’t heal you anyways
You’re not her type of broken.

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