20 Thoughts While Watching Dragon Ball Super

20 Thoughts While Watching Dragon Ball Super

8 days. 131 episodes. I did that. I nerded out on Dragon Ball Super every hour I wasn’t working and my reaction videos would’ve been the greatest of all time.

Unfortunately, there are no such records of me going championship crazy so, I’ve decided to share my top 20 thoughts while watching Dragon Ball Super. Let’s relive the magic.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  1. Beerus is the greatest villain of all time off facial expressions alone.
  2. How dare Goku surpass Super Saiyan God in like 10 episodes.
  3. I appreciate the man that made King Kai’s Japanese voice awesome.
  4. Krillin is the original Neville Longbottom.
  5. Gohan needs to stop being a lame before I disown him.
  6. I’m practicing Jaco’s pose in the bathroom later.
  7. Piccoli is such a good dad.
  8. I hate Super Saiyan 3, or as I call it, the Ted Danson transformation.
  9. Monoka’s character makes me simultaneously uncomfortable and grateful for his existence.
  10. Did that man say “Super Saiyan Rosé”? *giggle*
  11. I CANNOT with the YouTube video of Piccolo doing the containment wave.
  12. This line from Vegeta after determining that Yamasu has the powers of immortality and ultimate strength: “All I need to know is that I’ll never forgive him!”
  13. “Goku, you imbecile!” And then again 5 minutes later.
  14. *Faceplam* Frieza, again?! Let that man rest in hell.
  15. Watching Sailor Moon will never be the same after Universe 2.
  16. “I’ll kill you.” I strive to be No. 18’s level of savage.
  17. “There goes that man!” every time Goku hit that Ultra Instinct. The GOAT.
  18. It’s just like Dragon Ball to draw out a 48-minute fight across 40, 20-minute episodes.
  19. That ending was lowkey annoying but “ok.”
  20. *Googles sequel*

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