This blog is like a box of chocolates.

This blog is like a box of chocolates.

Sometimes we all need a little extra push in life to accomplish the things we know we ought to. For me, my greatest motivator is food. I’ll climb the highest mountains, I’ll swim the furthest seas, I’ll deliver the blood sacrifice if there’s a filet at the end of the tunnel. Lately, I’ve been testing how many things I can apply that to, to see how far I can get.

I’m a compulsive eater. You’d think I’ve journeyed into the land of diabetes, but I discovered exercise in time to temper the effects. Now that I have my own car and my own money, I use them primarily to get food. Not like, damn, I need groceries. More like, damn, it’s 8 am, I need a croissant or, damn, it’s 12 pm, sushi would be great right now, or, damn, it’s happy hour, I should take advantage of that deal on clam chowder. Meanwhile, my planned meals sit off to the side, neglected.

I’ve also noticed that I have this thing with chocolate that reminds me of when the Golden Girls discovered that Rose was addicted to pain meds she started taking 30 years ago. If I can’t find chocolate (ideally a Hershey’s Nugget or Snickers) within 5 minutes of my craving, I’m liable to cuss you out over something that’s not even your fault. I almost lost two friends because they were holding my candy to keep me from eating it all, but they weren’t available when I decided I was eating it anyway. I don’t need a lot, just a Reese’s cup or two for the 3 o’clock hour when I’m tired of doing work, but have to stick it out until the end.

The Power of Habit made me aware that my chocolate cravings are within my control and I need to change how I respond to my triggers (stress/work/boredom/all of the above). Instead, I decided I would just keep my cravings and use them to reward (and power) my accomplishments, like washing my face before bed (it’s so necessary, but annoying).

The other night I was stuck on the coach at bedtime so I decided I would reward myself with a cup of Sorbet if I raised myself from the dead. I tell you, it worked like a charm.

So, that’s why I’m here now, writing. In exchange for these 5 minutes of writing, I’m getting a large fry at McDonald’s. If I keep this up, writing will be more exciting than ever…and I’ll need a personal fitness coach to keep my body goals on track.

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