Sleep deprivation.
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Sleep deprivation.

Ever since I read an article about the negative effects of getting less than eight hours of sleep, I’ve been keenly aware of how ugly and unproductive I am when I stay up an extra hour (or three). The pictures in this article of a lady after six hours of sleep were just horrific, and they said you can’t bounce back just by getting eight hours of sleep the next night. It takes several nights! What if ya girl has plans??

I could look up the article to share with you guys, but unfortunately I’m too tired. 

In fact, I’m in my car at work, seat way back, on my lunch break, using dictation to write this blog post.*  How lazy is that?

A word of advice: don’t start any projects that you don’t have enough time to finish. Especially after 6pm. Don’t say, “Oh I’ll just stay up an extra hour.” Then, “What’s thirty more minutes?” And then add 30 minutes on top of that. And absolutely do not wake up at five in the morning and still try to exercise and do everything else you normally do with a full night’s rest.

Afterword: I’m not sure if this posts counts as a Friday funny, but I laughed deliriously writing it just before I took a nap. Praises to the most high for waking me up in time for my 2pm meeting.

*This post has been edited to apply proper formatting. Apple dictation isn’t that dope.

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