Vision board.
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Vision board.

I made a vision board and right away there’s one thing I think you need to know. It took me more than eight fucking hours.

Maybe I’m more picky and indecisive than others, but my cousin had the same problem. We were both flipping through magazines like, “hmm…where is what I need?” Magazines don’t have it all anymore. I have issues on issues of Glamour, Health, Money, Fortune, and Real Simple, but none had a doggie wash room.

Still, there were enough fucking awesome finds to fill the board, including one snippet from Fortune that read “$100,000 now.” I was like, “Perfect, that’s exactly what I need,” so I set it aside. About 7 hours into the magazine search I decided to start gluing things down. This part is quick and easy unless you become indecisive like me and keep scanning for more, better things.

So, out the corner of my eye I spy a piece of paper that reads “Family Money” and I’m like, “Bet. This will go perfect on top of this Ikea family photo.” The photo was an ad for a table and featured a big family, a dog, and a price label that needed covering up. “Family Money” both perfectly covered up the price and reaffirmed the fact I want my whole family to win. I cut and glued it and felt pretty good about my decision.

That is, until I began looking for my “$100,000 now” and found out that I had cut out “Family Money” from the opposite side of that paper and it now read “$100,….” I was pissed.

My family can’t just take away my money. I need to win, too. And I need at least $100,000 NOW. But the damage was done.

Ultimately, I settled for earning “50,000” and decided to revisit after a few more issues of Money come in.

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