Wasting Time

Are you still not sure if this is gonna work?
I feel you pulling back
Taking precautions
Orange warnings popping up
They keep telling me to

But I’ve got no fears
What are you really afraid of?
Are you afraid that you’d have one more thing to work for?
Seems to me you’ve never been afraid of working
Even though it’s perfectly reasonable to be afraid of hurtin’
Yet it’s so worth it

If you’re still not sure
Then our future is blurring before your very eyes
Instead of picturing us together down the line
Picture the demise of us
This brief courtship little more than a memory
Or at most a stopping point in time
A pretend game
Or distraction

And I promise I’ll change the picture too
Stop reminiscing
That dreams never really do come true
And instead of you giving your heart to me
I’ll swallow the fling and also the sting
Of never
Having you
Loving me

We will never fight to be together
Agonize over the distance
Wanting to fill this space
And crying tears of joys when I reach your place

We won’t whisper those three words


And I’ll never get the chance to say, “yes
As God is my witness
I’m accepting this gift
As a symbol of his forgiveness”
Because saying that is too real
It makes us feel like we’ve made it to a higher place

And who would want that anyway?
You know, to be happy?

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