Good Guys No Fun?

Would you prefer if your significant other was a cheating, lying, asshole, more interested in fronts and booze and tail than treating you with the respect and consideration you deserve? Yeah, they say they love you, but they stay out late, respond to texts rarely, text pictures to random people, and think it’s cute to play games. Men and Women.

The answer to my first question should be a resounding no, but I feel like a lot of people are teetering- claiming to want more in a person while seeking the intrigue and the challenge brought on by lesser “men.”

Yesterday, a friend of mine said he was tired of being a good guy. I was hurt. I told him, “Good girls grow out of bad guys when they’ve become women.” And I believe that.

I am one of those sinners who once loved men who didn’t deserve me. Thankfully, enough heartbreak and time alone made me force myself to love myself. And only then could I appreciate a good man.

The good guys and girls, they make you feel good about yourself. They inspire you to be stronger, smarter, better. They make you think about your dreams, but also make you want to include them in them. They’re afraid to hurt you and hurt when you’re not happy. They uplift. They don’t promise that it’ll always be easy, but that it will be worth it.

That’s the type of amazing shit you’ve got to earn.

Keep doing the “good” thing and “good” things will come your way.

The law of attraction.

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