Thing Unsaid

I refuse to tell you the whole truth
I know I profess to keeping it real but
I promise it’s in my best interest to keep it 90% with you.
I’m interested.
But how deep in I can’t confess.
It hasn’t been long enough to seem obsessed.
Don’t worry though, my head’s on straight
Don’t worry though, my heart’s not on a plate I just
might be making an old mistake where my imagination gets the best.
Rules this,
dreams are ruthless, tests of my resilience
because if I fall, I might hit that ground hard
and that wall, because I wanna give you it all
even though I barely just met you.
I respect you
and even more who I know you’re gonna be.
So all I can tell you right now
that’s 100 percent true
is I hope you don’t forget about me.

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