I Think I’m a Rapper After Listening to Born Sinner

You said you’d always be my friend and I was starting to believe you

I was happy with that fact even without seeing a me and you
You ok as a homie, ex-lover, friend
I think I understand but those old texts had me wondering
Niggas steady blunderin, and you just changed your mind
Time after time you’re an old squiggly line
You say you wanna see me, never wanna leave me
But I guess you said that just to get something from me
You win, I admit, I made a huge mistake
But guess what, this time, I’m not answering heartbreak
No more, best believe I left that shit at the door.
You less to me than those ugly ass roaches on the floor
But kings can’t see me, rich men either
You think you got a chance to get back
Please, you are neither. 

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