This poem was written circa December 2008. Unlike the others, I fancied myself reading this one out loud at some open mic somewhere or other.

i’m looking for good conversation, healthy stimulation
no it doesn’t involve what I’m wearing, where we’re going tonight, or what you’re daydreaming about
you don’t need a phone or computer either
cuz you’re right here looking me in my eyes
it’s the perfect opportunity for you to surprise

so why don’t you give it a try 
open your mouth
and maybe I’ll open my imagination
but that’s only if you ask the right question
let’s make conversation

but first, maybe we’ll define that word
yes, no, maybe are not in agreement
nor does Webster enjoy jokes about getting my digits
mostly what it requires is…a brain!
use it!

i’m not tryna come off harsh or anything
i know we haven’t come this far without common sense
but maybe that’s irrelevant
it’s possible that “real talk” is heaven sent…
and you’re not meant
to be in this conversation

yet it’s too early to give up
lemme try this
here are the steps:
you say what’s on your mind
i say what’s on mine…
we’ll see what comes next

trust me, it’ll be a blessing
it’s easier than you think
me getting to know you…
you getting to know me…
oh, and if you thought I was cool
you got a lot more to see

but that all depends
let’s see if you can do it
start by adding words to your programmed responses
maybe then we can spark a change
something like renaissances
all in the name of perfect conversation

so breathe
don’t hesitate
don’t falter
let’s get to it

just open up
let it flow
here’s your chance
now just use it.

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