You wanna know just where I’m at, well let me tell ya bout it.

Today a friend of mine asked where my Friday blog post was and my short answer was “I’ve been busy.” The long answer is, I put it on the backburner because I got a lot of things going on and nobody is up at 6 am anxiously awaiting my latest blog post. But as a wise ass once said, you make time for what you want to make time for, and right now I feel like telling you about why I’m busy.

I’ve been living y’all. Over the past two weeks I’ve been on a ticket-buying binge and it’s been nothing short of awesome. I’ve been talking about seeing Wicked for maybe four years. I finally got tickets to the first November show in Cleveland and I guess it was like that first hit, ’cause I haven’t stopped since. I took that high and forced my friends to get tickets to see Thor: Ragnarok because it’s apparently not too early to start planning November activities. And then I remembered that Kingsman 2 was hitting theaters this September and I said, “Gotta get on that too” and cashed in. Then, I spied that my coworker was out here creatively living and performing one of my favorite Agatha Christie plots and I cashed in again. Oh, oh, and I guess I’m going to another Indians game in October now. I kinda saw that one coming, but I also didn’t. Maybe this is why God hasn’t blessed me with a real vacation this year. That and hurricanes and earthquakes.

This one dude keeps trying to hang out with me and I feel bad because he must really think I’m an asshole.

Him: I will literally buy you dinner.

Me: Sorry, I have plans to buy my own dinner and do a million other things besides hang with you.

Him: Okay.

He thinks I’m playing, but in past 48 hours I’ve worked 2 full work days, done 2 hour-long yoga classes, been to 2 fancy dinners and seen 2 two-hour productions. In the next 56 hours I’ve got to give a driving lesson, shoot and edit photos, process Kingsman 2, decide how many books I can fit in a suitcase, and catch a flight for work. Oh, and that’s not even counting trying to maintain my health goals. I’ve got to exercise and find things besides chocolate and pita chips to eat. I also need to book a flight to LA in the next week or two. This is getting out of hand.

It’s funny how your life can feel perfect and in shambles at the same time. I feel like I’m in a constant state of chaos, but I’m not sure if I should change anything. I like that I’m going to theater and sporting events. I like that I get to travel for work. I like that people want me to take photos and podcast with them and blog about nothing. Unfortunately, that means I can’t be everything to everyone at all times.

I would apologize, but that wouldn’t be sincere.

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