Change fear.
Monday Mindfulness

Change fear.

My most common, immediate response to news of a terrorist attack is the affirmation that I won’t respond with fear or hate. After Ariana Grande’s concert was bombed, I sided with those that felt the tour should go on. Living your life in fear of what could happen is hardly a life to live at all. Unfortunately, when I read that London was attacked the night before Ariana’s return to Manchester, I hesitated.

For a moment I started to think about the plans I have to travel this year, and the possibility that across every ocean there’s someone with enough hate to take lives. I started thinking maybe I should be ‘safe’ and wait until Europe figures out this ‘terrorism’ thing. Then I had to check myself.

Fear begets fear. Hate begets hate. And the only way to stop the cycle is to create a new, greater feeling.

I read today that Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus still plan to take the stage in Manchester for their One Love tour. One Love. What a fucking’ awesome tour name.

The books I’ve been reading have been affirming a powerful idea for me. The idea that I can shape the world around me with my thoughts and feelings. The idea that the greatest influence I can have on the world is to carry the love that I want others to have. “Be the change you want to see in the world, ” if you will.

I falter, I hesitate, but then, I make a choice. I always choose love because love always wins.

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