Garden on fleek.

Garden on fleek.

Happy Tuesday! In case anyone was wondering, I finally got some plants in the ground. Yes – a row of spinach and a row of cabbage! I am geeked beyond explanation and I just want to take this moment to thank my ninjas, without whom this wouldn’t be possible.

For those used to disappointment (myself), asking for help can be like scheduling a dentist appointment (something I’m getting better at); often we’d rather suffer and exacerbate things instead of taking steps to make things easier. Why? Mostly because we’re afraid of what will happen when we ask for help. Will I have to hear how terrible I am at life? Will it cost money? Will it require splitting my gums open with a sharp instrument while my jaw is clamped open? Maybe, but in the end it’s for the best. In the case of my gardening project, absolutely for the best.

First, I’d like to thank the lady from the productivity workshop who made me write down all the tasks in my little gardening project and set deadlines. Because I wrote it down, I had until the end of the weekend to buy my gardening supplies. Do or die. At 5pm Sunday, the pressure was on. Unfortunately, I reaaaaallly didn’t want to drive to the store…

Which brings me to the second person I need to thank: my mother. Instead of driving to the store, I spent 15 minutes whining to my mother about how I didn’t feel like going to the store. Surprisingly, my mom was sympathetic (yes, this is a surprise) and told me to get dressed so we could go. She drove me to Home Depot, walked me to the soil section, found the organic stuff, and then – here’s the really good part – walked to checkout. For me this is huge. I totally expected to spend an extra hour looking at dishwashers, refrigerators, cleaning supply or some other shit we didn’t need, but that my mom suddenly found really interesting. For not doing that, she’s the real MVP.

The next person I need to thank is my work friend, Mike, who totally took one for the team. Monday after the shopping was done, I went into work like, “Anyone wanna help me garden later?”. My one friend (now a former friend) started looking at his feet, but for some reason Mike was like, “Sure,” and I was like, “OMG. You’re amazing.” Later that day, this sucker– I mean– great guy helped me carry tools to my raised bed, got his fingers dirty digging holes, and taught me how to spread potting soil. I had asked the right guy too, because he’d actually done it before; he wasn’t just bullshitting.

Fifteen minutes later, it was done. I couldn’t fucking believe it.

Well, it’s not actually done. Now I need someone to help make sure my plants don’t die. One step at a time…

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