The Meaning of Life

Lately, people have got me thinking about the meaning of life.

And already, I think I know what it is. The meaning of life is creating meaning.
That’s it.
Deepak Chopra taught me to consider each individual a creator of reality. We create our experiences by interpreting reality. We even recreate ourselves every moment. 
I think God made us in his image by giving us creative power.
Consider ideas – the building blocks for meaningful things and experiences.
Now imagine having this idea of a beautiful place of complexity and emotion, with life and death.    Would it be enough for you to hold onto that idea? Or should you watch it pan out, something like a play?
I think God decided on a script and scene and characters…this reality we share is the product of that. 
He’s just watching to see what meaning we create out of His script. To see what meaning we create in this life He’s given us.
My thoughts…

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