Summer Shantys On the Beach

When was the last time you really felt free.
Life was more to you than the jobs and the grind and working without pause
It was actually just a moment in time…
I miss the once upon a time
that was something sublime.

That water could have drowned us
but it kept me alive
Stops made at the corner store
then a random ass drive
brought us there
to a place that had something like a pier.
Summer shantys in our hand,
we thought we had a plan,
on demand
was a complete distraction of the mind.
Anything we’d talk about
bottles kept passing out,
and we didn’t have to be anywhere
but there.
The world was our beach and it was island everywhere.

It seems like life is just a series of moments you can forget,
but this one moment won’t slip
I dont think I can let
the simple thought of simplicity escape from me so easily.
I run through it like a reel
on the regular, you feel?
It was about seven of us
on a journey of trust
let’s just say that there were a few things to discuss.
And they had nothing to do with reality
but rather
things that would never be.
Can’t you understand why I call that shit free?
And I remember crossing rocks with waves crashing all around us.
that they could never find us…

The one lesson I learned is sometimes you’ve gotta get away
grab a couple shantys,
pretend there’s no tomorrow, no yesterday.
all your worries
just flow
with the flurries.
Take a break from that life of always being in a hurry.
And pounce on a new chance to discover another you.
I just pray you read this and wanna try it too.

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