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I Am Not A Cat Lady: The Arrival.

A few weeks after I agreed to become a long-term cat-sitter, my sister moved Henry, Albie, and all of their accoutrements into my apartment. I quickly went from enjoying my solo existence to sharing a space with two new four-legged roommates, a litter box, and a five-foot-tall cat tree. The actual arrival of the catsContinue Reading “I Am Not A Cat Lady: The Arrival.”


Why I love The Golden Girls.

I always tell people that the first time I encountered The Golden Girls was in the TV guide portion of the Friday Plain Dealer. That’s just wild to even think about. I was maybe ten or eleven looking for something fun to watch. How was I supposed to know that golden implied elderly, and notContinue Reading “Why I love The Golden Girls.”



I’ve been reading this book called When It’s Real and wow–I can’t put it down. What I love about this book is that I get to live vicariously through Vaughn, a girl who gets the guy of her childhood fantasies. I don’t want to spoil the book before Saturday, but I will say that the guyContinue Reading “Romance.”


Update: Tidying (or the power of Starbucks x purpose).

With 96 hours between me and the end of Spring, I set to work tidying Marie Kondo style, and I’ve come to the conclusion that tidying is as rewarding as they say. But also it’s a complete and utter shitfest. Here’s a review of the past few days. Saturday  This is the day I setContinue Reading “Update: Tidying (or the power of Starbucks x purpose).”