20 reminders for blue days

  • Play music so loud it drowns out everything. Only what you feel, though.
  • You don’t have to do anything. Skip anything that doesn’t bring you inner sunshine. The world will not stop turning.
  • If someone hurts you, tell them later when you can be more “impeccable with your word.” Plus, there’s a chance it’s not them, it’s you, all you.
  • Don’t reminisce. Don’t open old photos or messages from “the good old days.”
  • OK. Edit: you can reminisce on random good memories, like that lady you met on the beach who also loves the four agreements.
  • Everything is temporary. Especially this feeling.
  • Do you remember that one thing that you thought you’d never get over? Well look at you now! Do it again.
  • You’re not actually alone, you just need yourself right now.
  • Don’t bottle it up. Talk, write, text. Just get (it) out of your head.
  • Be honest. There usually is something bothering you, you just don’t want to admit it.
  • If there’s a moment where you “accidentally” feel joy, like when your favorite song comes on and you’re singing and vibing like “oh shit,” embrace it.
  • Do that thing you’re afraid of. The wondering and worrying usually lasts longer than the experience: good or bad.
  • Stay off social media. Except Pinterest. Pinterest is cool.
  • Be careful of what else you’re digesting: cow milk, news, Game of Thrones. Instant mood killers those things.
  • You have a $100 spend limit. Rollerblades, bongos, knee-high socks are all acceptable purchases.
  • Studies have shown that moving yourself from one location to another – via car, boat, or plane – does not miraculously improve your mood. But if you need to unplug, hiding your phone is a start.
  • You know what does miraculously improve your mood? Exercise. I know – whomp whomp.
  • Meditations are boring, but you should do them all the same.
  • Sometimes you just need sleep.
  • If your favorite movie is Sex and the City and you just watched it two days ago but it brings you peace, you should definitely watch it again right now.

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